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To develop, sell and support a successful software product a business needs to understand its market, identify the opportunity, develop and market an appropriate piece of software. Hence we offer the products as a core business function to manage business needs.


Knowing CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Small businesses have changed the way they deal and interact with customers with the growth of technology. Being "a small guy" is not a disadvantage anymore. Bringing in the right technology can turn a Start-up or Micro, Small or Medium Sized Enterprise from a Niche player in your industry to a major threat to established corporate players.

Organizing, Supporting and enabling a small business with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution like NicheCRM can help you punch above your weight and harness the selling power that were previously part of big businesses.

"Understand your customers business and pitch to their specific needs”. Today's sales reps really need to know their leads and manage appointments. NicheCRM will surely help.

Size doesn't matters - you may be an One Man company or with a small team or small business but everyone face challenges that are big to their levels. You may have volumes of contacts, communication logs to track and manage, new business to negotiate and confirm or nurish your existing customers.

Automation of your sales processes helps you to monitor growth. Whether you’re on your own, maintain a modest staff, or add new employees every month, NicheCRM.IN tables you a web based small business CRM service offering to help you maintain your customers, gain new and accelerate your business growth.

NicheCRM helps to manage your Campaigns, Leads, Communication logs, Appointments and track your sales team's closing rate. Sign Up your life time FREE CRM account and taste the real flavor of business.


Plan Your Campaigns
NicheCRM is the best online tool for Indian micro, small and medium enterprises to track, manipulate, organize and follow campaigns. Planned campaigns increases leads making more room for appointment and sales.

Capture Your Leads
NicheCRM'S Lead management strenghtens your sales team with quality leads. NicheCRM automates your lead management with realtime workflow processes.

Organize Your Appointments
Our appointment manager gives your team a virtual approach to manage their appointments. You can have complete history of telechat, schedules and rescheduled appointments during the given period of time. Deferred appointments will be emailed to the admin and manager for tracking.

Increase Your Sales
Our Niche reporting tool gives you the birds-eye view of campaigns, leads, communication & appointments, quotations, purchase orders, invoices raised and receipts both in table and in graphical formats.


Managing the workflow of a company effectively guarantees success by way of proper work force utilization. The performance and growth of any small & medium enterprise depends solely on the management of its employees, their jobs, data flow and the documentation. Integration of efficient workflow management software, with the available resources prevents mismanagement and promotes growth.

MADFlo is a web-based software application that supports a wide range of organizations, from small businesses all the way to major corporations, no matter the size.

Ease of Use:
MADFlo user interface is designed to be simple yet powerful to manage the work flow processes in an organization. The processes are organized over various primary sections powered with the relevant tools under each section for easy maneuverability.

Track your Work hours:
Staffs can easily record the time they spend on each task for a particular customer. Based on this time sheet recording, it'll be easy to add up to the main task and for the respective customer and to generate reports on man-power utilization, resources used and the man hours spent.

Task Allocation:
Easily allocate tasks and jobs to your team with the click of a button. Transfer the task from one staff to other based on the need and urgency.

Environment Friendly:
Web-based, form-driven automated processes radically reduce paperwork, so employees and customers can easily complete their tasks with quick turn-around time.

Limited Resource Usage:
Efficient usage of resources with reduced bottlenecks.

Easy reporting & Monitoring:
Customized reporting and monitoring of open, pending, in-progress and completed tasks.


MADesk is a PHP-MySQL based support ticket system that is simple & enabled with easy-to-use multi-user web interface. Manage, organize and archive all your client support requests and responses at a single place while providing your customers with accountability and quick turnaround time for their queries.
MADesk Support System is designed to help you organize support requests and improve customer support efficiency by providing staff with tools they need to deliver fast, effective and measurable support. Some of the core features include:

"Web based Support
Tickets can be created via online forms. Flexible configuration.

Auto Response
Auto reply that is sent out when a new ticket is opened or a message is received. Customizable mail templates.

Alerts and Notices
Staff and clients are kept up to date with one point notice board (announcements). Configurable and flexible settings.

Role-based Access
Control staff's access level based on groups and departments.

Assign & Transfer Tickets
Automatic assigning of tickets, allows you to route issues to the proper technician immediately upon receipt. Easy re-allocate of tasks from one staff to other based on the need and urgency.

Signup Required
User account or registration required for users (email / password used for login) for safety and security.

Support History
All support requests and responses are archived.

Invoicing for services requested by users for easy tracking of renewals & out standings.

Signature Customization
Customized Signature inclusion for outgoing replies and ticket replies.

A fully-featured knowledgebase to organize answers to frequently asked questions into categories and subcategories for easy sharing of knowledge, tutorials & videos.

Admin & Staff Interface
Separate interface for admin and support staffs.





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